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icon2Circuit Board Upgrades 

If you have an old circuit board we can upgrade it to a safer, modern circuit board with life saving safety switches.

icon3Older homes

We are specialists at working with the wiring in older homes and can upgrade these old electrical components, circuits and powerpoints safely.  More………………..

Safety Switches

Each year, around 15 people are killed in preventable electrical accidents in Australian homes. Around 20 times that number are hospitalised with severe burns or other injuries. These deaths and injuries can almost certainly be prevented – with the flick of a switch.

Unfortunately, many Australians do not have the protection of safety switches on any of their electrical circuits. Some have protection on just their light and power circuits while very few people have protection on all circuits.

Switch Board Upgrade

Safety switches are designed to save lives. They detect the loss of current from a circuit that indicates a person is receiving an electric shock, and they cut the power in as little as 30 milliseconds.

Safety switches have been mandatory on the power outlet circuits of new homes since the early 1990s, and on the light and power circuits of new homes in most states since 2000. But many older homes do not have safety switches, and circuits such as air-conditioning, pool filters, hot water and stoves are not protected in most homes.